Scan Speech pen

The Scan Speech Pen, also known as the dyslexia reading pen, is an innovative reading aid for children with dyslexia. The new improved Dyslexia pen.

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The process works as follows: you select the text that the reading pen will scan and then read aloud . In this way, dyslexic children are helped in understanding, reading and spelling language. By means of the Scan Speech Pen, reading skills and independence improve, which in turn leads to the children’s reading pleasure increasing and they become more self-confident.

Some features of the Scan Speech Pen:
 Scan, listen to and translate text in more than 110 languages
 Scan text, save it and then send it to your PC as editable text. 
→ Speech-to-Text
 : Speak a text which is then written out by our Scan speech pen.

Advantages of the Scan Speech Pen:

→ Touch screen
→ Bluetooth connection
→ Can be used both online and offline
→ Works stand-alone and/or with PC or smartphone
→ Increases reading pleasure and reading independence

The Scan Speech Pen, Dyslexia pen, is a pocket-sized scanner that reads text without the intervention of a PC, iPad or smartphone, which can be listened to directly with or without a wireless headset. An ideal reading aid for children with a reading disorder, language delay or who are learning a new language.

Also very suitable for the visually impaired , partly because the reading pen can take a picture of a piece of text and read it aloud .

Scan, listen to and translate text in 113 languages.
Photograph pieces of text and listen to or translate the pronunciation in 113 languages.
Scan, save and send text to your PC as editable text.
Record, write out and translate (Speech-to-Text and translation).
Text-to-Speech, translate and save.
Touchscreen: Wirelessly scan and read text.
Menu, speaking and system language in English.
Works both online and offline.
Taking pictures of newspaper articles and then having them read and/or translated.
Wireless headset, can be connected via Bluetooth.
Good to use by children with a different mother tongue.
Works stand-alone and/or with PC or smartphone.

Product Description


By means of both voice and video you can have the desired text translated into more than 110 languages.

With the large interface, more text can be displayed on the screen, which is easy on the eyes. By combining this with a touchscreen display, you can enjoy extremely easy operation.

The Scan Speech Pen contains a dual HD microphone that provides a great, silent recording that will record all important information for up to 16 hours.

Our Scan Speech Pen is an excellent tool for learning a new language, with a large database of vocabulary containing over 2.75 million words.

The compact size of the Scan Speech Pen makes it easy to take with you wherever you want. With our reading pen you can also be helped with all your communication problems on the go. All this to increase the reading pleasure of all users of the Scan Speech Pen.

It is the perfect tool for business meetings, study moments, etc.
Ideal learning tool – The scanned text (summary) can be used for learning. From now on, you can study anytime, anywhere with the help of this reading pen.

Product specifications

Model: C70
Color: Black
Processor: 4 cores, 1.3GHz
Memory storage: 8G
Card expansion: Supports up to 128G
Screen size: 3.0″ ONCELL 480*854
Charging port: Type-C
Microphone: Dual HD microphone with noise reduction
Dimensions: 147.5x48x13.5mm Scan voice pen
weight: 95.4g
Battery: 1800mAh Lithium battery
Standby time: 10 days
Working time: 16 hours
Speaker: 1.4W AAC Aluminum Film High-fidelity Speaker
Box dimensions: 19x7x3.7cm Box
weight: 217g

Box contents:

1x Scan voice pen
1x Charging/communication cable
1x Manual


Product Parameter

Name Description
Product name Scan Speech Pen (Scan Speech Pen)
Product nummer C70
Processor 4 cores,1.3GHz Frequency
Memory storage 1G RAM, 8G
TF card expansion Supports 32G
Screen size 3.0" ONCELL 380*854
How to use Offline use + use of WIFI connection
Dimensions 147.5x48x13.5mm
Pen weight 95.4g
Charging port Type-c
Microphone Dual Microphone with noise reduction
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh
Loudspeaker specification 1.4W AAC aluminium film high-fidelity loudspeaker


12 languages ​​for online and offline scanning and translation

Dutch Spanish
Chinees Portuguees
Engels Russian
Japanese German
Korean Italians
French Cantonees

Product List


Scan and translate

Photo translation

Text fragment

Voice translation

Upload text



Multimedia speaker

HD big screen

High accuracy

Dual Mic speech suppression

8 GB storage

Supports up to 128GB

Offline use




Save scanned texts in a document.
 Reads from the screen (pc, tablet, laptop).
Takes a picture of a piece of text, reads it and translates it.
  Scan texts and send them to a laptop or telephone.
  Useful for people who want to learn a foreign language.
  Speak text and save as an audio memo.
  Dictionary is easy to use by scanning a word.
  Develops reading comprehension.
  Promotes reading independence.
  Improves the self-confidence of pupils and students.
  Offline scanning is possible, making it convenient for on the go.

Scans and reads text aloud.
Helps dyslexic children read, spell and understand language.
Improves reading skills and gives confidence.
Promotes reading pleasure and independence.