Scan Speech Pen, the new dyslexia reading pen, reading aid for dyslexic children

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NEW! Scan speech pen, THE NEW DYSLEXIES, Reading pen, Translation
pen Scan speech pen, the new Dyslexie pen, digital reading pen, reading aid for children with dyslexia, reading problems or language delay.

Easy reading of words and pieces of text, both from paper and from a screen.
Improves reading skills and gives confidence. Promotes reading pleasure and independence.



The innovative reading aid for dyslexic children. Meet the new improved Dyslexia pen.

The Scan Speech Pen only works with a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 headset.

Scan SpeechPen, read aloud pen that scans, speaks, translates, saves, sends. With touch screen, photograph text and listen or translate it in 113 languages.

NB! In the Scanspraakpen, Dutch has been added by ourselves.
The Scan Speech Pen does everything the C-Pen ExamReader does, but much more. 

Useful for summarizing, scanning newspaper articles, and especially for people with dyslexia or others who want to learn a new language.

Especially suitable for children in primary school with reading problems, language delay, AVI delay or for those who want to learn Dutch or another language.

This innovative Scan Speech Pen helps to learn a new language because the texts are now scanned very quickly and then translated.
People with dyslexia can scan the texts and have them spoken. This can help them process sounds and letters.

Also very suitable for the visually impaired, partly because the reading pen can take a picture of a piece of text and read it aloud. Scan , listen and translate

text in 113 languages. Photograph text and listen to or translate the pronunciation in 113 languages. Scan , save and send text to PC as editable text. Record, write out, and translate (speech-to-text and translation). Text-to-speech, translate, and save.

Speech-to-text, translate text, and save or forward it to a PC or smartphone.
touch screen; scan and read text wirelessly.
Menu, speaking and system language in Dutch .
Works both online and offline.
Take pictures of newspaper articles to have them read and/or translated.
Wireless headset must be connected via Bluetooth.
Good to use for mind mapping.
Good to use by children with a different mother tongue.
Works stand alone and/or with PC or smartphone.

Temporarily with FREE foldable phone holder.

Watch the video of the Scanspraakpen read aloud pen here, the new dyslexia pen

Translate and have it spoken into 113 languages.
Save scanned texts in a document.
Scan texts and send them to a laptop or telephone.
Useful for people with dyslexia.
Handy for people who want to learn a foreign language.
Easy to use with clear menus.
Speak text and save as an audio memo.
Dictionary is easy to use by scanning a word.
Develops reading comprehension.
Supports multiple languages.
Promotes reading independence.
Improves the self-confidence of pupils and students.
Offline scanning is possible, making it convenient for on the go.
Large English dictionary with more than 40,000 words, divided by level.
There is an application that allows you to scan a QR code with the phone or computer. Then when you scan a text with the scan voice pen, it will appear directly on the phone or computer.

Portable digital scanning pen, reading pen, translation pen
WiFi connection
Good grip
Fast response speed
For left and right-handed users
Possibility of extra memory
Automatic updates (FOTA upgrade)
Volume button on the outside
Text recognition is much better.

Technical specifications
Processor: 4 cores, 1.3GHz main frequency
Internal storage: 1G RAM, 8G ROM
TF card expansion: up to 128G
Screen size: 3.0-inch 480×854; touchscreen
Usage: Offline + online WiFi connection
Dimensions: 147 x 48 x 13 mm
Weight: 95 grams
Charging port: Type-C
Microphone: Dual microphone with noise reduction
Battery: 1800 mAh Lithium
Standby time: 10 days
Working time: 16 hours
Network: WIFI
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 can be connected to Bluetooth headsets and speakers
Scan Camera (pen tip): 120 Frames + Macro
Camera (back of pen): 5 million pixels
Speaker: 1.4W AAC aluminum film high-fidelity speaker
Body material: plastic + metal button
Dimensions box (package): 190 x 70 x 37 mm
Certification: CE, RoHS

contents Scan voice pen
Data/charge cable

Temporarily with FREE foldable phone holder.

Click here and view the Dutch manual for the ScanSpraakpen.

Watch the videos of the Scan Speech Pen in action:

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I have just received the Scan Speech Pen and I am very satisfied. The scan speech pen has a good quality and is easy to understand. The different languages ​​are also well pronounced and do not have a different accent. I therefore give this Scanspeechpen 5 stars and would definitely recommend this product for people with dyslexia, reading problems, or a language delay.